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Is everyone aware of the history of Quinopois? That's what happened. Gil da was Quinopoisk, a popular film site, has been working since 2003, hundreds of reviews, thousands of assessments, his ratings, a grand cinematographic library, like even in Russian Wikipedia, with 33 million visitors per month. Last Thursday, 8 October, Yandex threw a new version of KinoPosizka, which led to a sharp criticism of users. In particular, the founders of the service were opposed to the re-launch, such as Vitaly Tations, calling it a failure.

Today, Yandex returned an old design and apologized for official treatment:

" Many have not seen their assessments and film lists on the new service, some users have not found information and opportunities to which they have been used in the years of Kinoposka. We apologize for these problems. "

Four days, the people of Burlill. Some praised the new type of site, others argued, signed petitions and made anger comments, and others were just kidding. One of these jokes is on this video.

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