Photographs Of Animals

Котоматрица - фотографии животных и приколыCatomatris - pictures of animals and the ads in their performance are now very popular among amateurs of these cute animals. Anyone who has a camera and a cat in the house thinks it's their duty to take off his beloved in the most ridiculous positions and situations, and then put it on the network, how to do it at a professional level, you'll find out from this article.

I'm afraid of heights!

The history of the relationship between people and domestic cats has been about 10,000 years. These gracious animals give their owners great pleasure in their beauty and behaviour. To seal his favorite in the picture, you need to know a few simple rules. Create your catomatica!

Забавные фотографии кошек

On the hunt!

How do you do pictures of cats of different kinds?

The main thing about cats is a picture. You need to take pictures at your cat's eye level. To this end, you must put the camera in the same plane where the cat is located, it can be done if you lie on the floor or use the state. Funny photos dogs and cats Only when animals are sad and calm. So don't reindeer and feed your pet.Забавные фотографии кошек Then put it on a rug or a chair, gentle and calm down. With a calm animal, you can take pictures of children and adults without fear that it will suddenly leave the survey site or begin to cast.

Ba! All faces!

How do you get a cat to pose?

It's what happens when the animal is stationary. In this case, you will be able to focus the most correctly and apply the minimum excerpt under the circumstances, which will ultimately provide you with a qualitative and clear picture. How do you get your pet to pose in the frame? It's best to have an assistant who's gonna have a cat during the shoot. Use the cat food as a reward. If your animal is negligible, you can use additional lighting and a reporting mode once a series of 5-7 photos is made. In general, several personnel are received very clearly and saturated.

Забавные фотографии кошек Забавные фотографии кошек Забавные фотографии кошек Забавные фотографии кошек

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