Humans And Animals

Who's here?

Officials can always improve for a minute, and secretly from the strict superiors to squeeze the funny pictures. Don't laugh loudly, don't give yourself up. If you can't stay away from the holocaust, just pretend you just came in. These are councils of former people with a lot of experience in such situations. But a fine boss knows how to raise productivity. You don't need to be banned, but the opportunity to distract from work from time to time.

A mockery of a dog with such pleasure.

It's a charming little smiling photomodel.

The neighbor always has better food.

Did you expect to see the brains?


Strange rat farm.

The breeding of positive emotions restores strength and desire to work. A man with a sense of humor will appreciate their dignity. Invite him along with you to laugh at pictures with very funny animals and at least cool people. The ball flying to the forehead of a tennis player, and he's got a hard look. Well, everybody else. It's not just fun photos, it's beards and good moods.

Soon on sale.

Am I in the zoo or are you? And that's on the other side of the glass.

It's not me.


And they're talking twins.

Best place to think.

Real love.


Lasca loves everyone.

The roof, the tail, the legs!

A real potato, not a photoshop.

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