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Girls, in my life, there's been an important event, and I've finally met a war with which I'd like to go on a long time. We've known the people who know each other, and I like him right away. Of course, I've become interested in him, to call, to set up meetings and so on. Of course he did, but somehow it's awkward, like he was just trying to kill me. On one of the dates, I'm gonna get a lot of laughs and ask him whether I'm gonna show him or not.

He'll tell me he killed me and shut me down. Turns out he's gonna get a girl with long, long, hot, high-powered glasses. That's... I was definitely not in the lobby with my three-seat three-seat windows, and that's why I just got into a decade. Interested absolutely everything, including him. Although he seems to feel guilty, he used to call and try to make an appointment, but he received a stubborn rejection. Every time I thought about him, I was mad at him, on my own, on the rulers, on the ground, and I thought why some people had a lot of nerve and a kind of false griev, and each other's been tortured all their lives in an attempt to settle their three columns?

That's the kind of thing that I've been in the middle of in the morning, and I've seen my eyes falling on the sword of my collusion, the more vocal wolves I've never seen anyone. They've been blossoming, being soft, visually, and smashing on the slobs of the light. What? How is it possible that I remember clearly that a month ago, she was tied up with a "wet chaste" in the back of the head, and that there's nothing to do with the wrong crowds? I didn't have to wait for a break, and in a letter-of-the-face, I put it on the wall. I should've known how she'd done such a fabulous risulta, and we'd like to know at all costs! I was very straightforward, so Katha (this is the name of a classmate) didn't fight for a long time and shared the Vkontacat--

Right on the salad, I decided on it, and I went to the sate where they wanted to buy a steak of water. I've been so strong about the thrills that I've told him even because I don't count on the information. Then I read the composition and realized that I had made the right choice, the premiere consists of the natural co-couns and I knew about their efficacy for a long time.

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