Nice Picture

Прикольная картинкаI needed to make a test:
-1 glass of flour;
-0, 5 cups of shatter;
-2 glasses of salt extra;
- 0, five glasses of water.

All ingredients need to be thoroughly intermittent, and then I warmed them up in the pot. Grown until the testo becomes a visco, elastic. Then the testo is smashing up to the homogeneous mass.

Прикольная картинкаI took a little bite of the test and rolled it to the appropriate form. Then two holes of a tube came from the top. This was followed by a picture. I glued my head and ears to the bun. Then she blinded the roses and the Roma. I glued them.
The picture left behind. In a few hours of natural coldness, I put the product in a microwave oven. Took a minimum temperature and set two minutes.Прикольная картинка Then the product became solid enough, but I left it to make it final.

I've been needing some decorations:
- different thicknesses;
- Water;
- Guash;
- fingernails with blades;
- completion point.
When I painted the product, I let him dry a little. After that, she made blades to make the product complete. After that, I let the lacs dry. When all the paints were fixed, I put a layer of lac on the product to complete the work. Then the picture was cold 24 hours. Luck had a very interesting effect.
We did this painting with the baby to give it to Grandma's birthday. So it worked out, a little childish, so grandma would believe in the reality of what his child did. I've been trying to get the children's story as close as possible, I hope I've done it.

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