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Ну куда же без пряничного домикаNew Year ' s Magnificent and Fabulous Festival cannot but celebrate its own, special and unique day, notes, loves it by adults and children, corporate parties and the mornings, and preparations for this celebration begins long before 31 December.

Snowflies, bright silences, glowing gears, favorite movies, traditional music, the smell of eel and mandarin are all we have every New Year, but somehow it never bothers.

Шикарные цветаPerhaps no red calendar day can be bragged with such long and pleasant late cottons: preparation of tasty, choice of venue, organization of guests, search of rites and, of course, gifts, one of the favourite and, sometimes, very difficult moments, which take a lot of time and strength, because it is difficult for everyone to find something special.

The tradition of the exchange of greeting sheets has deep and English roots, the time is coming forward, progress is not on the spot, which gives us the opportunity to celebrate our loved ones with something new.

A bright and thematic picture that can be e-mailed or in social media, will serve as a good and appropriate sign of the attention of colleagues working or friends who are far from you, and another opportunity to congratulate the holiday, simply not.

A spirited e-mail from a family or a second half can be an excellent aperture before a major celebration and an assumed gift. We want to present to your attention a lot of beautiful new yearly paintings that will easily reflect the entire 2014 Hoshady holiday collorship!

No man can resist or smile snow pots, snowflies with orange navy noses, cute snowball girls and always fun Grandpa Moroz.

It's not worth considering that such a gesture is a stupid thing, because everything is beautiful in the pets, that is, it's such a small thing and it's a fun feeling and a sense of undetectable celebration all day.

It's the atmosphere, the right emotions and the mood that transmits all the magic and joy of the day that you learn through a nice picture.

Бой курантов совсем скоро Верьте в счастье Волшебство Все в золотом цвете

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