Applied Images New Year 2014

1. Passes the statue to the New Year 2015 and the year of the sheep ' s cologne, respectively, from the year 2014. A tree with a horse's head instead of a star. Yeah, and those funny toys were last year.

2. There's a loaded monkey. We'll dress it up in New 2016 in a year. We believed that this would be a good gesture on the part of 2015 by the sheep, the first two paintings to pay tribute to the years around. Fourteenth and 16th, we love you and we've rested on your honor and we'll celebrate more fun:

3. That's how the New Year is celebrated on the solar beaches of the South.

4. The photographer who sent the photo chin left no comment, so we'll do the same:

5. The girl on the left lost her new year's wish to her sister, who asked her to show her the beans during the child's picture with Deed Moros. That's the right girl who doesn't look at the camera because she wanted to laugh at the sis again.

6. Wesel, lake, Deed Moroz, gypsies and music with them. It's all right!

7. You think you're gonna get your husband in a crisis? How do you make love to your loved one without spending a lot of money? Buy a new year's gift to the underwear of the snowflake. In fact, the wife's half separated, and since we don't see grandpa Moroza, they've got something to do.

8. A loaded deer. Look, and remember what he looks like, so you don't wear a corporation.

9. New Year's suit and a human spider mask.

10. Half-great Europeans are also making a wish with Deda Moros. And Grandpa's not that simple, asks to play a song without a man's age. I got a picture of my grandfather with a freezer free of charge.

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