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Игра Трололо 2: Туалетный забросIt's time to say "no" resolutely to dull and boring nights. The way to fight the darkness and the shank are known to the world. The smile will make all the lights... And from a friendly and inexpensive choking of the number of lights, it's going to be such that you don't need a light bulb for the night for three more days! We save electricity and prolong our lives, we're enjoying ourselves, especially as we can do it completely free.

  • Trollo 2: Toilet

    Returning the legendary Trollo. What else did this ridiculous caricature man come up with?

  • The funny ones.

    The funniest game suggests you try to be a bartender who makes great cocktails.

  • Funny for boys

    A funny game for boys is perfect for situations where you want to get your anger out.

  • Charming and funny

    A fun and funny game gives you the opportunity to influence the life of a charming girl.

  • Very funny.

    The Funny Game is very inviting you to leave a funny subject. Interesting? Start her!

  • The funniest in the world.

    The funniest game in the world is, in fact, a routine that can be seen to raise the mood.

  • Funny for children

    It's a funny game for kids that you're supposed to date a beautiful guy. But for that, we need to reach him!

  • The funniest for girls.

    The funniest game for girls is taking you to a zoo where a guy and a girl walk.

  • Funny cats

    The game of funny cats suggests you're running a funny cat who fights adversaries.

  • Fun monkeys

    Игра Самые смешныеThe game of funny monkeys offers you a few difficult riddles that will make you fun of a tiny monkey.

  • Questions of replies

    The questions are funny about the famous hero of the Multhylm, Psu Skubi Doo.

  • Funny cats

    The game of funny cats suggests that you take care of nice domestic animals.

  • Build your chick.

    With modern medicine and cosmetology, even a fool can make a beauty.

  • Battle cow

    Nice toy for spatial thinking training. Take the cow to the cow.

  • Flying pig

    Starting a pig in the sky is a great idea. Let's keep the money there.

  • A drunk wife

    How much trouble does a drunk woman get? Our hero is clearly not jealous.

  • Beat the mice.

    Mice, of course, brings a lot of damage and, if possible, must be destroyed.

  • Hit Jerry.

    Jerry usually does a lot of different packages, and he's not punished. But this time it's gonna be different.

  • Funny hamsters

    It's a funny toy to make you laugh like an adult. Turns out the hamsters are very active.

  • Night hunter

    Situation, practically life. Some night, I really want to eat. What if the fridge is secure?

  • Package

    At school, what doesn't happen in class. And the packets are in every class.

  • Funny detective

    Игра Смешные для мальчиковThe diggers have dangerous and, uh, places, interesting work. Sometimes it takes a long time to sit in an ambush to identify the suspect.

  • King of the toilet

    In the game, you're in a situation where you have to work as a casser in a vocal toilet.

  • Piano Beaber

    Our hero drank a little too much and can't go home. Try to help him.

  • Help the teenager.

    Many young people in adolescence have different leashes on their face. What do we do?

  • Football on crutches.

    Have you ever seen a football player on the crutches? In this game, you'll look at this optimist.

  • Smash the cat.

    Actually, not every cat likes to swim. Usually, they prefer to go on their own.

  • What horses sing

    Horses who can sing are cool. Only computer games can meet that.

  • Secret materials

    Nice toy with Agent Mulder in the lead. He didn't expect such a turn of fate.

  • Glass finger

    The game is most like a specific surprise gift. On a new year's night, it's a normal thing.

  • Blue football player

    Football is a fascinating game and stadium robbers during the cherry chicks.

  • Entertainment at the office

    It's not a secret that all the office staff in the absence of the chief are doing their business.

When you want to have fun, you don't have to run to the TV or try to goog videos of famous comedians. How much more joy will you get for the fascinating funny games you can find on our website! When you play funny games, you change the role of passive viewer on an active player of fun events and harmless pranks. Turn around completely, and you'll see how fast all the fatigue will be after a long day!

Better than a bench.

Everyone likes to have fun. Funeral pictures, humoristic publicities, fun rolls take a lot more viewing, liquor and recess than any other, even unique and hard-to-worked content. Another ancient people were willing to riot against the despotic rulers, demanding bread and mature. Today ' s Internet user is not capable of rioting, except for a small storm in his own plug, but he's willing to spend more time and more time looking for fun than getting bread.

But how do you get the greatest pleasure if the humorists who have been loved since childhood don't mix, and all the photos and videos seem uniform and awfully tired? You're going to be a good entertainment, because if you're an active participant in events, they're giving you more emotions. And with humor, the games that have been done are gonna make you feel better than a hundred petty publices in the social media or a fashion show on TV. Get onto the humoristic interference if you really want to know what it means to be really fun!

Whose fun is healthy!

That a good mood allows us to live happier, everyone knows. As much as you're tired, the best way to get away with the hard day is to be a good positivity! And it doesn't matter how she comes from meeting friends, having a nice walk or seeing a humorous transmission. The important thing is that your system receives a sufficient portion of the hormone of joy, by which all the negative effects of stress are neutralized.

In fact, scholars have long shown that optimists who can see anything good in any situation and not focus on unpleasant little things, always better at heart, less headache, and even teeth stronger. So our funny games are a real cure! The cure for boredom, bad mood and fatigue.

Not serious entertainment

From all sides, the games must be taught, developed and trained. Of course it's great, but to rest when? I mean, sometimes I want to keep my brains out of it, but I just want to hang out with my favorite heroes. And if you're tired of getting over your head every minute, you can always take time out and have fun, because you can play funny games with our website anywhere!

And even if you've got time in your cut, you'll always be able to walk a couple or three levels of any funny arcade! And even 15 minutes of healthy laughs, maybe a little longer, and not a little, better impressions from the past day. It's enough once to figure out how much such a wicked fun raises the mood to understand once and for all: ridiculous games can't be called useless entertainment!

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