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ПРЕТЕНДЕНТ НА ЗВАНИЕ САМОГО ХУДШЕГО АВТОМОБИЛЯIn the history of automobile construction, there was a large number of failed and truly bad cars, but the German three-wheeled Hoffmann 1951, which we will meet further, is a special feature.
Whatever your car's bad, it's still much better than that "sixebra" car. Hoffmann 1951 is the principal and most worthy candidate for the title of the worst car in history. Since the Second World War in Germany, many have been prevented from inventing their own vehicles, and one of these enthusiastes was M. Hoffman of Munich. From 1949 to 1951, he corroborated his project, hoping to create something extraordinary and in some sense he had succeeded. In this mini-vatomobil, he deserves either the characteristics of the " bad " or " majeure " , starting with the power of six horsepower, three wheels, a hull that is likely to turn around in any sharp turn, a disgusting review and end to the circumstances. The maximum speed that this iron horse is capable of is 45 kilometres per hour.

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