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Fantastic debut mophie on Super Bowl

30 January 09:00


Brenda mophie for his debut in Super Bowl attracted the Lord himself. The epic promotional role of the California company, developed by the Deutsch LA agency, reminds me of its size and videotape of the end-of-light movies, with humor.

According to the story of the skate, the inhabitants of the earth will overcome all the ancestors of the coming Apocalypse, the people in shock, the planet has been in absolute chaos. But there's no way to get to God - his smartphone has a battery. "When your phone is dead, God knows what's gonna happen," it's in the back.

"We all felt this sense of vulnerability. The broken phone is the missed meetings, the loss of travel orientation, the impossibility of making an important call, said by Pete Fawat, CEO Deutsch LA.

Mophie has been working on the smart communication market since 2006. Energy conservation technologies for smartphones, including high energy intensity batteries for iPhones, are known primarily. Also produces gadgets under his own brand.

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