Telephone Paintings

Чехол для телефона по мотивам картины Ван Гога «Звёздная ночь над Роной» | Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmadeWhen the Masters' Fair announced Van Gogh's week, I was very excited because it's one of my favorite artists. I've been dreaming of doing something for his painting. And here, the theme week has pushed me into realizing my dreams.

I'm offering you a class master who will try to describe as much as possible all phases of work to create an airbox for a phone. And as an example, there will be leather leather leather on the basis of one of Van Goga ' s most magnificent pictures of Star Night over Rona.

The workshop will consider the following phases of work:

  • Development of excavations to the size of the telephone;
  • Mobile mechanism on tape;
  • Collection;
  • Bicer markings and without them;
  • Eskis for embroidery;
  • use of the Swarowski cabinets and crystals in the drying;
  • A collection of cheeks and an air fragment.

What materials I used:

  • Natural stone cabos: removed, lazuritis, agat with a beautiful, sparkly rubber;
  • The crystals of Swarowski blue, yellow and orange shades;
  • Czech crystal blue beads;
  • Japan ' s " lighter " , Miyuki Delica and Toho 11 for the sea;
  • Japanese Biser Miyuki and Toho 11 for the rest;
  • The smallest of the existing Preciosa 16 bisera to fill small voids;
  • Natural Italian leather;
  • Italian quality non-smoking skins for the basis;
  • Acrylic paints, bruises, palettes;
  • Caspon Lac;
  • needles for a biser, including number 16, with the microscopic ear;
  • Biserpent thread;
  • 2 cm wide.

The first thing to do was determine what fragment of the painting I'd try to breathe. I'm putting the whole picture here. And I picked the right upper part for the swing.

ван гогWe need to make a leather excavation, it's gonna be the internal part of the chip. And from the skin, outside. First thing we're measuring the phone. I have an iPhone 5S, its parameters 12, 5 x 6 x 0, 8 cm.

Let's get the inside out of the leather. It will be long, including two lengths of the phone, the height of the brothica and another 1 cm, adding the phone to be hidden in the chess.

Extreme height:

делаем чехол на телефон12, 5 + 12, 5 + 0, 8 + 1 + 1 = 27, 8 cm (round to 28, as 2 mm on top will not affect anything)


6+ 0, 8 + 1 (0, 5 per stitch) = 7, 8 cm (clicking on the width of the telephone, one height of the bortic and 1 cm per stitch)

So we have an internal cover of 28 x 7 cm.

We're doing a leather excavation.

It should be literally 2-3 mm higher than the inner clearance from all sides. Thus, the external extract will be 28, 4 x 8, 2 cm.

We'll check our clips by putting them on each other.

We're doing a rounded corner on the inside. As long as it's on the inside, 'cause we're gonna go underneath it after we glue.

вышивка картины как сделать чехол чехол на телефон чехол для телефона

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