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Настройка Miracast между планшетом и телевизоромIt was possible to prepare a very useful and relevant article on the construction of a wireless screen on tablets and phones working on the Andriod operating system. With Miracast's technology, we'll take the picture off the tablet on TV. It's all gonna work in the air, I mean, without wires.

Now, a large number of modern televisions that have Smart TV functions and have access to the Wi-Fi Internet are also able to operate as wireless Intel WiDi technology screens or Miracast. About this technology, can you read in more detail in a separate article, how do you get the image off the laptop, the smartphone or the tablet on the Wi-Fi TV? The TV is a wireless monitor [Intel WiDi and Miracast]. But that's where I wrote more about theory, and this article will only be a practice.

Miracast/Intel's WiDi на телевизоре LGSo that means the TV can take the picture in the air. And our tablets and smartphones that work on Android are probably capable of transmitting this image through Miracast technology. It's called a wireless screen.

What does all this give us? We can connect our tablet, or the phone with the TV and the TV will display everything that's happening on the mobile screen. And it's not wired. This way, you can get a picture on a big screen or a video. Watching online videos or playing games on the tablet and putting all this on TV. There's some nuances I'll write down below, but all that can be done, and now I'll show you how.

Включаем Miracast на телевизореI've just made pictures, squeakers, everything I've tested, checked, and now I'm gonna share it with you. It's a real example, like always!

What do we need?

  • A mobile device from which we'll take the image off the TV. Planet, or smartphone on Android. Not all Androids can work with Miracast technology. But according to my observations, almost all modern devices can do that.
  • The TV that will take the Miracast wireless technology image from the tablet or the phone. Modern TVs can do that. If there's a built-in Wi-Fi on your TV (or an external receiver) and there's a Smart TV function, it's likely that it can remove the image without wires.

I'll show you the LG 32LN575U TV and Asus MeMO Pad 10.

Connect the tablet and the TV for wireless imaging.

All we have to do is turn Wi-Fi on the tablet, turn Miracast on the TV and connect the devices.

Активация технологии Включаем Miracast на Android Соединение телевизора LG с планшетом Asus Трансляция изображения с планшета по воздуху

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