Video Accidents

Подборка ДТП № 7 за 15-21.10.2014 - 2 нокдауна, БТР на встречке, Ford GT скрывается с местаSite's giving your attention to the accident footage that was taken by eyewitnesses on video by a car recorder. We'll find a car accident on the video that's classified under the relevant sections. Someone prefers to see funny accidents in a free minute, someone prefers a hard video. In this section, we give you an opportunity to look at the very best shots with crash cars.

Automobile accidents are not pleasant, but in some cases, it seems that a person is constantly being cared for by a guardian angel.Подборка ДТП № 6 за 13-14.10.2014 - Убился об дерево, Угонщик разбился, Лошади под колеса It would appear that all the rules of the road must be respected in good faith, and nothing unpleasant would happen to you. But there are moments where there's nothing to do with the road user. An unexpected situation may arise in front of the driver ' s eyes as suddenly as it almost leaves no one second to think about how to respond correctly. But sometimes the subconscious allows for the speedy and speedy drive to the right side, thereby minimizing the possible consequences.

Подборка ДТП № 5 за 12.10.2014 - Смертельная авария, Гонщик на МКАДе, Жук под Камаз, Мото против АвтоIn many situations on the road, one can boldly thank the happy coincidences that literally save a man's life. Someone saves their own internship. It's worth a while to keep your head down as soon as you're about to set your second birthday. Because with an unscrupulous belt in one of the accident rolls, the driver flew through the windshield after the crash, literally stepped on his feet and escaped from the flying fragments. Isn't it a miracle? And other people save the intuition that everyone will envy.

Подборка ДТП № 4 за 10-11.10.2014 - Камаз против Кашкая, Полёт Жигуля, Уронила Лексус, Подбили Азов Подборка ДТП № 3 за 09.10.2014 - Убился об стену, Разборки с пистолетом, Такси против Х5, Хруст

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