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Как Кевин Спейси пришел к своей главной ролиOur sadness is that until the sixth season's premiere is still nine months away, only these videos are dropped.

George Martin's universe is full of different kinds of scruples, and it appears to be at least on the survey site. In the word, if the heroes of the show could have had the same fun as their actors, the victims could have been much, much less.

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Five top premiere, another 10 new episodes and the most expected new seasons of favorite show.

On 27 February, the third season of the “Cartage Dominic” came out, in which the hero of Kevin Spacey, Frank Underwood, had finally played a fascinating role for the President of the United States.

Tonight, the First Channel will start showing Fargo, the best show of last spring. If you haven't seen it yet, it's time to fix it. If you still doubt, we list five reasons why Fargo cannot be missed.

Все сериалы лета 5 причин посмотреть «Фарго»

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