Funny Sex Pictures

Камастура для затейников: самые смешные позы в сексеFotobank / Getty Images

Of course, sex isn't a joke. Although, why not laugh at the most difficult and strange things? Sex on your head, erotic leaps and sexy accardeon-- all these real positions that can bring you to an orgasm. It's true if you take them seriously.

A woman on top.

You tired of a standard woman on top? Then let's play our Kamasutra! Ask your young man to burn one leg. You put it in such a way that your legs hug him, and start moving. This sex is perfect for the superficial stimulation of the clitoris. By making friction, lean as far as you can, so that your smell zone can slip through the inside of his hip. Because in this sex pod, you're completely in control of everything that's going on, you're going to vary the pace and amplitude of the movements, and don't forget to squeeze and relax the vagina muscles.

standing, man behind

If you like a man behind you, Camasutra is offering you some experimentation with this sex potion. Get in the face of the chair (or to the bed) and bow your head and hands. When your boyfriend enters you, ask him to raise you one leg (as shown on the picture) and to support her for ankle during the friction. Because your leg's up, you're opening your partner direct access to point G, an active incentive that will lead you to an orgasm in a record short time.

I don't know.

You want to fully obey his will? Try this sex from our Kamastra when a woman on top. Put your boyfriend on your back and ask him to pull his knees to his chest. Spread your legs and sit on it on top of it than he'll get his knees on his chest, the easier it'll be for you to sit on it. Then start moving. At first, make light superficial frictions, and then let his dick slip into you as deep as possible. In this sex potion, you're a full-fledged host of the situation, push that rhythm of friction that you like, and don't forget to ask your boyfriend in the process of gently screaming or playing around you in the berry.

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