Funny Pictures Of Cats

Varna's residents were shaped by a green cat in town. In the palaces of all the paints, the owner of the extravagant outfit was clearly displayed in her colour, but it was not of any concern to her creatures, which cannot be said about people.
In the short term, a group was organized in the Facebook social network, from which people shifted to trace the animal in the hope of knowing the secret of its colour. Attempts have even been made to find the perpetrator among teenagers, as there was a version of children playing an evil joke with an unhappy cat, painting it green. However, there was no reason for the resentment of animal protection. Everything turned out to be banal. Our green cat fell in love with the place of night with a bunch of old dry paint in one of the garages. Most likely when there was rainy weather, the wet cat slept in the old paint and her hair was painted.
Regrettably, all attempts to catch a cat to find out if this desperate paint on her health had been compromised, as a green beauty was very cunning and a trap, and no one could catch it.
Let's hope that the cat really feels great, and that her health is safe.

A little of their lives)

The cat crawled under the hood of the car and came to the TT. The Master was surprised to find the original “mobile” detail.

Anton Alexeiev's user writes this on his Facebook page. The cat climbed into steel protection and didn't feel bad when the engine came in. When the car moved, it must have been late.

An animal ran all over Moscow until it hit the final stop, the service station. The Master was surprised and called the client. He's got a dog! But after a while, it turns out it was a neighbour.

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