Watch The Wedding Video

Приколы на праздникахDid you often have to be on holidays dedicated to events such as birthdays or birthdays? Maybe you're a private guest at weddings? And corporate holidays certainly don't miss us. Now remember how many ads you could have seen in your life. Any holiday is basically one big shot, and that for us, the nicest such gypsies are almost always recorded on video. All types Daughter at the party Order. Let's start with our birthday. They differ in mass and frequency. You must have a lot of friends and more relatives, all of whom have their birthday, and he's been dying to celebrate it all year. Someone's gathering guests at home, someone at the coffee shop doesn't matter. It's important that everyone has a beautiful mood and a desire will be fun enough to remember after. Congratulations, no one's getting a lot late, and it's starting to get interesting life stories and birthday habits. Watching videos From the day of birth, you can endlessly, every one of them has made its own, its gloss, which won't let anyone miss. We've got a video where the smart guests decided to give the nephew a not exactly a normal gift, an aquarium with a small world for the hamsters, where the hamsters have already had fun. When the aquarium was placed on the final dinner table, the leg at the table couldn't survive, and this miracle was on the floor. All the women and girls with a visa started climbing out who's on the chairs and who's on the tables, and the men, of course, continued the fun of the gog. Funny video from your birthday must have been in almost every one of us, but we just need to dig into the archive with a smile on your face, remember how it was.

Приколы на свадьбе The wedding apples are what remains in mind forever. Looking at weddings online can be infinite, because all weddings are very important events in every person's life, and they're always videotaped. The bride price is starting. The wife has a lot to sweat to get her favorite. It follows that if young non-creative creators in the GCF, everything goes quietly and solemnly. Then, normally, a little walk to digest with hot drinks and light snacks and finally a long-lived restaurant! The fun hamad meets guests and starts burning. From now on, the main wedding habits are online. The guests are trying to congratulate young people, hug and shake hands. It's all limited to guest fantasies after the most interesting, wedding dances! Dances differently, and given that everyone's having fun can expect the most ridiculous moves. There are several generations of relatives and young friends in the dance, and there's a Greek mixture of vals of brace and haus dens and mazurks. Video dance at the wedding is the best time to take a photo of the wedding. When the first part of the sex concussion comes to the end and the guests' stomachs are a little overwhelmed, time to move to games. Tamada calls for guests and random guests to have fun. wedding apples games are like a ritual, irreplaceable by a lot of laughs and apples that will be nice to remember. The wedding is a memory event, but supplement it with the necessary cologist. So don't sit in the seat, the wedding's going to take place, and you're not gonna remember anything but a full stomach. Be a part of all the contests, enjoy with the young, give them a wedding for free, and they'll have good memories and interesting funny videos, which will be a pleasure to review again and again!

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