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1. The warden says to the security guard, "In 30 minutes, there's gonna be two pes. One has a very big point, and another has more! So look at both!"

2. The father of the child just born is under the paternity. On the fifth floor, there's a doctor in the window and a baby behind his leg... Father: "What are you doing?" The doctor with all the shit hits the baby by the window and laughs... Father: Oh, my God. Doctor: "He's a dead man."

3. - You know I had a food in my paradise! - Well, you don't have to fuck! - Fucking... ♪

Flash Multic, wipe it to the end! But without kids, they won't understand. ♪ ♪

1130 cb

Great! I'm just wrapped up, watch him with a sound and louder to enjoy this fool. ♪ ♪

1, 35 Mb

Great! Flash game! There's a hunter in the woods, you have to shoot them, but don't get caught, or... ♪

344 CB

Flash! Very funny. "The truth of people" in the flash drive! Really funny!

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