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Фотография с котом МаруCote Marou is a Japanese cat who has become world famous because of his wild love for boxes. We just showed two very funny videos with this cat when we were talking about creative cartons for cats.

Of course, without his master, the cat wouldn't be famous. Two and a half years ago, a Mugumogu user loaded on YouTube his first. A video of Mara's cat and his unusual games to find out if such behaviour is normal for a cat or not?

A lot of people liked that video. Actually, what might not like it here? Honey. fat cat Maru With an interesting character, I'll take a stupid and adore box. Let's see some pictures with this beast.

Кот Мару видео

In two years, there were 167 videos on the Mugumogu Channel that gathered more than 79 million views. At present, the Maru cat has been dedicated to a blog for over three years.

The video in which Mara jumps into a big box won the YouTube Video JAPAN award in 2009.

Some videos are used to advertise cat toilets in America, and two books are sold on eBay’e with pictures of this animal:-).

Кот Мару на полу

That's a legendary cat that the entire Internet loved. Well, let's go to the five most popular and fun video with cat. Maru.

Marou and trash can

Cote Marou and paper bag

Maru and cardboard box

Cat Maru in slow motion

The last video with Mara is a clip from different videos.

Isn't that a nice cat? After watching the video, I even want to have a cat at home. By the way, a lot of people wonder:What kind of cat to Mara?” We answer Scottish Styrete.

Of course, you can keep a cat in the apartment, but it's better if you have a big house and a place to walk.
And if the area is stolen as it is, you can even film the video, maybe your cat will be as popular as Mara's cat, and then you can see how to steal your area and take some ideas for your dacha.

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