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Прикольные-новогодние-розыгрыши-prikolnye-novogodnie-rozygryshiGreetings of the dear visitors to the World of Puppets, in the run-up to the new year, I will share with you a few new year's pranks that will make a new year of laugh, fun and a lot of positive.
I'm sure you've already read about the fun role of the Apple and the Bow to the Caramel, which, by the way, is perfect for a new day of goulk.

Now, I'll tell you a few more pranks you're gonna love.

For this prank, you need to prepare yourself in advance, and if the fun doesn't take place in your apartment, you need to tell your master about the prank.

You need to make a little video of the toilet so that the view is on top, that's, the feeling that the toilet has a hidden camera.

Прикольные-новогодние-розыгрыши-prikolnye-novogodnie-rozygryshiThe simplest thing is to get on the rooftop of the toilet and try not to move on with videos using a camera or a cell phone.

In the middle of a new year's goulian pick the victim and at the time our victim goes to the bathroom to collect all the guests from the TV and prepare to include a pre-prepared roller.

At a time when our game, in a light state, returns our video to the room, and all the guests (naturally conspired) must meet the poor with turbulent applause.

What's going to be thinking about at this time, I think everyone figured out.

"Wizard rings."

The prank is suitable for the company of smokers and can be played not only for a new year, but also on any day, for example, during the break at work.

You're going to need a chalk, naturally a cigarette, and the ability to pass smoke rings.

You're risking the palm tree ring and you're going to the chicken.

With a few rings of smoke, you catch one ring and you clap on the shoulder or back of one of the friends with the hand on which we have the “preparation”.

Прикольные-новогодние-розыгрыши-prikolnye-novogodnie-rozygryshiUltimately, the clothes leave a easily erased print in the form of a ring (the dark clothes look better).

You'll be listening to cotton in the chicken for a long time.

Pinky is a flour contest.

It's a prank in the form of a competition to do on the street in the light weather, but you can go home, but I suggest you make a vacuum cleaner.

We need an air balloon and a flour plate.

In the middle of the table, we put the air balloon and announce the contest.

Two contestants have to face the balloon towards the enemy.

The essence of the prank: at a time when the lead starts the count, we need to change the ball on the plate with a heavy flour. By the way, you can use candy instead of flour. It'll be easier to shake than flour.

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