Funny Horses With Video

The mother-in-law is devoted to the topic "The Horse Case." By reading this article, you will learn to correctly set the time of the incident, how to prepare and conduct a horse incident, find out different ways of a horse incident. And of course, the theory of a horse incident can be seen in practice in a Horse Case. Case of horses in the article itself and at the end of the article. All right, everyone, have a good look, no kids till 18, no jokes.

It's the time of a cat. The well-developed and well-built coffins have to come off from three years. In the event of a contiguous condition, the goods shall be carried out from 1 March to 15 July. In farms where there are good diaries, the incident begins from 1 to 15 February.

An estimated load in a hand-load on a healthy full-age lot on a seasonal season is set at 35-50, and on a 3-year-old, 15-25. A full-age stud over the season can make up not more than 175 orchards and a young man 75-100.

Testing of the seed quality of the drawing of lots♪ Prior to the occurrence of the incident, the quality of the seeds of the lotters shall be checked for 2 to 4 consecutive days, the most accurate being the 3 to 4. During the whole season, seed quality is monitored at least once a month. For seed research, artificial vagina or semester is used. The seed is healed by traffic activity, saturation (concentration) and life expectancy.

Setting time for the coating.

The best time for a successful episode is just before the ovulation, i.e. before the egg egg leaves. The time of coating shall be fixed as ovaries and on external grounds. Rectual research determines the condition of the ovary and, if there is a folliculus, the cobs are covered. The exterior signs of the cow's hunting are detected with the help of the probe. Fragile and young booths (primarily on-site) are sampled daily from the start of the incidental campaign, and the roasted booths start from the fifth day after the extraction.

Case of horses

Watching videos Case of horses below♪ The average duration of hunting was 5-7 days, with variations of 3 to 13 days. Longer hunting points to the innormal condition of the uterine machine. After the hunting slices, it's usually 8-10. The hunting booth covers the 2nd day, then repeats the 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th day after the first day of the hunting. It's recommended that short hunting be covered at shorter intervals, 24-30 hours. In 8 to 9 days after the coating of the emitted, the bag shall be subjected again to the test.

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