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Самый дешевый мобильный телефонAccording to statistics, by the end of this year the number of tubes will exceed the number of inhabitants of the Earth. Although most machines are not separated from the total mass, the world of advanced technologies sometimes produces real legends.

The cheapest cell phone ever.

The first cell at the United States counterparts in 1979 was intended only for the surviving buyers. His price, which was $3,895, exceeded even the cost of Toyota Corolla, and a minute of conversation cost more than a gallon of petrol.sWaP Nova - самый маленький мобильный телефон And now you're not gonna surprise anyone, like selling a new iPhone 6 starts from 32,000 roubles. Simple phone calls with only the most necessary functions serve as an antidote to price-breakers. The cheapest of them is the HOP1800 phone that sells only $10.
The cheapest cell phone, this real budget model is not equipped with a alarm, calendar, lighting and game. It's not just memory cards and cameras, but even SMS support and address book. HOP1800's goal is to get a number and call like old times.

Smallest mobile phone

In 2011, a new champion was posted on the Ginness Book of Records. The sWaP Nova miniature cell phone, first shown by the public at the IFA 2010 Berlin exhibition, is so small that it can be used as braces. The machine weighs only 43 grams, and its size as a derogatory credit card does not affect the function. sWaP Nova is equipped with a sensor screen built by a book reader and an operating system supporting eight languages. Thanks to a special module, one-way hand mobilization becomes a normal USB-port float.
sWaP Nova is the smallest mobile phone for the convenience of phone calls, BLUETOOTH-garnite kits with USB wireless charger and headphones. A baby with a weight of not more than 40 grams can hold up to 2, 5 hours of continuous conversation and even reproduce videos.
Nokia 1100 оказался более популярным, чем iPhone 5s Sonim XP3300 Force - самый неубиваемый телефон iPhone 5 BlackDiamond входит в топ самых дорогих гаджетов iPhone 3GS в бриллиантах

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