Look At The Fun Pictures Of Love

Лисица и белка

When I really want to take a picture of the white.

There's a lot in the network recently. Puppet photos♪ Got a whole gallery of pictures of the disgrace whites. Look at the pictures: fun, cunning, funny, embarrassing proteins.белки картинки The squirrel is very sympathetic, with high intelligence. To the gallery of paintings, the squirrel, as always, makes a definition of the subject from the dictionary of Brockhouse and Ephron:

Squirrel (Sciurus), a small animal group of rodents (Glires) of the protein family. An elongated body with a flushy long tail, long ears, long, dark brown with a white trouser, sometimes gray (especially winter); squirrels sit, roll in the back paws, with front food - nuts, chips, sometimes small birds and eggs. Drives everywhere except Australia. Squiurus vulgaris, 25 cm long, tail 22 cm; Europe and Siberia forest. Squirrel gives me valuable furs. Russia produces more than 10 million roubles annually.

смотреть белка картинки смешные белки прикольные картинки белок фото белки

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