The Most Funny Pictures In The World

Памятник шутке над полицейским.We had this collection in February. But I think it's April 1th, April 1th, it won't be possible by the way!
Many cities of the world now find very unusual and sometimes ridiculous monuments and sculptures. Smile among them... ♪

Lucky memorial.

This monument was marked by the blue Wolf from the "Gil-Sand" Multifil-Sand Eduard Nazarov.
The wolf has a button on the abdomen, when a character is pressed by the voice of Armen Gigarhan, aforism from the multfilm that has become popular. In the future, the Multhylma hero will be working in a hidden cell mode. For example, if a man with a cigarette comes to the wolf, the bronze beast will say, "Let me smoke."
Памятник студенческим хвостам. The author of the monument is the famous Tom Sculptor of Leontius. Cambridge is one of the great artists and designers of the twentieth century, and his work is conquered by Russia and Europe, making people smile, wonder and think about the meaning of life.

The witch's memory.

The Garca witch monument can be viewed as a joke and as a philosophical message about the two sides of the same, very successful as a woman.

Памятник клизме.The view is in the front!

The police joker.

There's a superfluous comment here, although it's very dangerous to joke with the police... Brussels, Belgium.

A student chovost.

Symbolizes the fight against academic debts of a 29- centimetre bronze lizard with a tread and no tail end. According to the legend, this talisman will bring good luck to the students, help us live without the "chvosts" and problems. The lizard is bound by five "hwastats." You want to pass the exam or you'll get behind her tail. To successfully defend the diploma, we're gonna have to keep the score. To get a job, put flowers on her. Bronze retaliation photo is good luck. Even for young women, who and students, there's a lot of things to do, so the groom needs to brush the beasts, so the wife will be kind. And for the husband to be smart, the bride should have a lizard over his head. In order to enhance the beneficial effect, 91 "happy" sculpture added.
Igor Zolotov's businessman is a student of Tulgo (then "politician") of the 1970s. I'll add that the first edition of the special newspaper, Hvostov.NET, had come to the opening of the sculpture in Tulgo.

Памятник смеху. Памятник смеху.

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