The Pictures Of The Guy Are Fun

Сладких снов тебе, зайчонокA good wish for a guy or a girl. There's a lot of soft and warm dreams in the wish. It says bears and kittens and even rabbits. A picture of love with a bear.

Added 8, 2010 - added lubawik

Nice words on a picture from a girl. She says it's dark on the street, and she's all alone, but at this time she hugs the bear you gave her, and she thinks you're lying next to her, not some kind of bear.

Added 7, 2010 - added lubawik

A picture of a sleeping guy in his pants in the bed. The poem on the photo is written in a joke form, but it means certain targets. Fascinating people might be offended by that picture, so don't send it to all in a row.

С мишкой твоим усну Added 6, 2010 - added lubawik

Neutral picture with a good night. That picture you can send to any man because she's not wearing something special and individual. The inscription is written on a very beautiful background, namely moons and flowers.

Added 5, 2010 - added lubawik

It's never too late to say how you feel about your second half, even if you do it with a picture. The picture with the baby says that a man wants to swim all night, wants hugs and kisses.

Added 4, 2010 - added lubawik

Wish the sweet dreams of a beloved girl by sending her this wonderful picture. I really like this poem. Guys, don't forget your loved ones, publish this picture on the wall in contact.

Малыш, иди спать Спокойной ночи с ромашками В любви всю ночь купаться Сладких снов, кусочек рая

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