Funny Wedding Contests


Young educators marry and marry themselves, older teachers marry and marry their children, while both go to family and friends.

The proposed materials will help you organize this most important family holiday, make it unforgettable, fun, bright, unlike any other.

Here, you'll find spicy, original toasts, congratulations, wishes, poems and songs, fun contests. They're gonna help you not get into trouble and make great congratulations on any wedding celebration, be a welcome guest, go to the circle of your closest and familiar with your erection, eloquence, an appropriate timely humor.

Funny weddings and games

KVN competition: " End jokes or jokes "

Thematic, of course, love-family. You can play teams, you can be on an individual account.


At the bachelor party the day before the wedding, the fiancé got drunk and washed into the vent. It was the first time that the bride was married this morning...

( buy the groom.)

Wedding in life only happens once...

(...10-15, no more.)

Traditionally, the bride can't be seen before the wedding, and after the wedding, it's better...

(... not to see.)

Before my wedding, I loved all women. And after the wedding...

(... one less.)

Serega, did you have anything before your wife's wedding?
♪ Well, there was... After all, we're not kids! It was...
(...shift, TV, well, we bought horses after the wedding!)

At the wedding of the D.A.'s daughter, the guests who stole the shoes got...
(... eight years with confiscation of property.)

Wedding tradition! On this day, the bride should be wearing a beautiful one-time dress. All guests are photographed with red or closed eyes. Young people are given non-transparent envelopes to...

(... don't spoil their party.)

Girls, if you want a grand salute on your wedding day, get married...

(...9 May)

The groom didn't have enough money to buy the bride, so the wedding was moved to...


The big wedding was
There are few seats

(... there was little food.)

Don't interrupt me, I don't...

(...motor in the car!)

A woman's desire is the law, a man's desire...

(... art.)

♪ How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?
♪ Very simple. My wife's birthday is in a restaurant, and mine is...
( pencil in the calendar.)

♪ How do you make a man in bed just freak out?
♪ Take him away...
(...a tult from TV.)

Calling a cow's wife, you automatically get...

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