Video Injection Dtp

Пьяные дураки вылетели на встречкуWe've worked a little bit, we've done a lot of work, and we've finally set up a section with a set of crashes specifically to give you a chance to get off your stomach and just relax, looking at the funny crashes on the video. Let's try to forget about disputes and personal hardships for a while and try to smile together.

Of course, some might feel that car accidents aren't a cause for sweat, because the road crashers have their own grief. But believe me, in some cases, the laughter is ready to die even the drivers who have been in an accident.Прикол на переезде Вишняково You must be able to find positive moments in every situation! And funny accidents show it to the fullest extent. The most unbelievable situations that can't model a man's brain with a developed fantasy can now be seen thanks to a pretty popular driver's geography like a video recorder. Besides, he's helping to get an innocent driver out of conflict situations, he's often at the right place and at the right time. Just good shots and... Functional accidents on video millions of people can see now. And it might even save someone once, because learning about strangers, even funny, mistakes is a good thing.

Perhaps you've once become one of the participants in this event, and you know how to laugh at yourself, which is far from everyone. In that case, don't forget to share with us your video of fun accidents. For any person, there is a positive source of charge, and for someone, it is ridiculous accidents. And if you're one of those people, make yourself comfortable, don't forget to start having fun and start looking at all the funny accidents, the skateboard you just find on our website!

Стиральная машина катапультировалась из Прадо Чувак в положение попал ДТП Орел Шамаич-2 Не заметил трос между автомобилями

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