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In recent years, the Internet has been supplemented by various types of Internet with Vladimir Girovsky♪ Its over popularity is due not only to active political activity, but also to participation in many public events, where it often manifests itself quite incorrectly.

Vladimir Wolfović is well known both in our country and in the countries of the former CIS. He is the founder and head of the Liberal Democratic Party of the Russian Federation, has served as Vice-President of the State of the Russian Federation for the past 11 years and has submitted his candidacy for the election of the President five times. But the public interest in the identity of Girinovsky is not due to his political views, but rather to the nature of Vladimir Wolfović.

Thanks to its eccentricity, directness, incorrectness, flavour, active vestigation and unexpected voicing of photoscabula and Video videos CHIRINOVIC They are very popular on the Internet.

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