Roll Pictures On The Phone

/www/pages/modesco/rutwitterIf you want to keep the image you like from someone else's tweet or even another background image, you know there's a few ways to do it. We'll talk about them today.

Coping of computer photographs

Although Twitter is only about eight years old, its popularity in the world is great. Since the project was launched, the standard capacity to post (maximum volume of 140 symbols per post) has been added to the standard capacity to accommodate it. For a long time, users can add photographs and videos to their tweets. They become accessible to all subscribers.

First, let's figure out how to keep pictures and other images from Twitter's browser (i.e. computer).

  1. Get on your Twitter account first. Go ahead, put the password in to get on your page. If you still don't have a Twitter account, just go on the site and register there. The registration will take five minutes.Выпадающее меню при нажатии на изображение Think of a unique user nickel that will be hard to remember, and choose a complex password to ensure its safety. The name of the user after registration is better recorded, so try to remember.
  2. Now find the photos of interest to you. Right after registration, it's hard to find some kind of image you need, just find in the search line the name of the celebrity that interests you or the person that put it.
  3. Finding the right image in someone else's tweet, just inject the image, click the right button of the mouse on it, and then select the Save image as (or " Keep the image as " ). Choose a file on the hard drive you want to keep the picture. Also, you can ask another name of the file if it stays with expansion.JPG. That means you'll see the symbols "JPG" next to the name of the remaining file.
  4. Congratulations! Maintained. Now open the safe file. Now that you've got a downloaded picture on your computer, you're probably gonna want to see it. The picture can be opened with a standard image screening programme (delayed) or any other screening programme.

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