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Ганц ( 12 серия из 26 )
Permission: 480x272
FPS: 29.97 personnel/sec
Code video: ffh264
Fail: Ganz .mp4
Size: 87.0 Mb
Description: English name: Gantz
Country: Japan
Jeanr: fantastic, drama, erotics, psychology, horrors
Duration: 25 minutes
Director: Itano Itir
The anonymous presentation would be interested in those who preferred psychological slates. It's a real bloody horror with a fiction, all these flying inners should lead to the extus of the Traces Of Death and the Sannibal Holocaust. We have to pay tribute to the movie creators, their characters are real, like in life. They're afraid, suffering from loneliness, crying, unwilling to give up, but they can't take a step in the face of death. Gantz is making you reconsider your priorities and views on life, your attitude towards people around you.

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