Pictures Free On The Phone

Get Pictures on Your Phone for Free Step 1.jpgThat's how you get the classic images on your phone for the purpose of locating the pictures for the caller, the rims and the other! It's quick, simple and easy!



  1. Go to the search system for pictures and find the image you like. Pick up the right picture you'd like to see on your phone, and keep it in the picture folder on your computer.Declaration
  2. Send a quick e-mail to your e-mail address from your mobile phone, so you can see the address to send the picture. For example,

  3. Write an e-mail, using the phone address.
  4. Get Pictures on Your Phone for Free Step 2.jpg Click on the investment button (Add Attachment), go to your photography file and select the file (-) that you wish to have on your phone. Wait for all the data downloads.
  5. Send a message. The method described does not work at times, and the letter does not. Just try again a few times before you do. Make sure your phone can get messages with attached files before trying to do it. Good luck and happy picture hunting!



  • Investment letters may be downloaded for a few seconds, and sometimes they don't come immediately. If it's five minutes, and the message hasn't arrived yet, then try again. You may have to make a few attempts before it moves. If one of the images is missing from the message and it is stated that it has been removed, the solution will be to remove several files from your phone before adding any other photos to the cell phone.



  • Make sure your phone has a function of receiving investment messages and/or that you don't spend unexplained money on it.

What do you need?

  • Telephone supporting the reception of text messages with attached files

Get Pictures on Your Phone for Free Step 3.jpg Get Pictures on Your Phone for Free Step 4.jpg

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