Funny Videos For Children

Poo faces, Pampers Poo faces, дети делают этоEverybody does it. Regular. Home, guests, even at the café, if you want to. But most often, little kids do it. Yeah, yeah, we're talking about not being allowed to talk at the table. But to see a video where little kids do "this" in a slow film, everyone has to see, because it's that. Very funny.! Every parent knows when his chado is going to do his business in the diaper because his face is beginning to change actively: the baby is very concentrated and then he's dying for a moment. Pampers diapers produced a video in which babies were caught at this interesting moment. The 75-second slope film captures the mime of 10 charming infants during the " soft-wall " of Stanley Cubic film to the film " Space Odyssey " .

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