Funny Video For A New Year

Смешные истории, которые случились в Новый годNo matter how wonderful New Year is, even in such a magical night, there are many different cones. But perhaps ridiculous stories make the holiday even more interesting and rememberable?

The duck burned down, a bottle of champagne broke or lost a gift to the closest person? Trust me, such a new year's failure didn't catch you alone. We have more fearful stories.


Marquetologist, 24

I once lost my wallet under New Year. Thank God I bought the closest gifts. The truth about the guests came without champagne and mandarin. Of course I'm very upset. It wasn't just money, it was important cards. After New Year, he started rebuilding. But then I got a new job. That's why it's all connected. You lose something, you buy something.


Social worker, 22

On a new year's night, my sister and I went out of the elevator on the ground floor, and some inadequate guy met us with a cockpit. Imagine, he's right in the elevator. Good thing we didn't hurt anyone, we ran out, but the fire alarm worked, and the dispatchers were careful. One more hour we've learned who's right and who's responsible.


Economist, 28

And my daughter ran after Dead Moroz and lost in the crowd! There was a new concert in our neighborhood: songs, dances. Then Grandpa Moroz started walking and dispensing candy, she reached it, and I turned around for a minute, and I turn around, neither her nor grandpa. Of course I was hysterical! Looking for her half an hour. In the end, they found her behind the fists, the artists gave her candy.


Student, 20

And my friends and I were driving through the woods for good and lost. We've been drinking for an hour, the navigators have refused to work. And some suspicious men came in. They've been drinking and knocking on our windows, running after the car. We weren't. In the end, they went to some field and they opened champagne. Then some miracle came out.

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