Funny Pictures Of Teachers

Стих про учителяSchool in the life of any man has been or will be. No one's ever missed school. For someone, school is the best time in life, for others, it's a time that you can't remember without touching. My grandma, for example, has always been a "good" and has been super responsible for all school matters. Maybe that's why she woke up in a very old age in a cold sweat, if she suddenly had a dream at school, she was called to the board, and she didn't learn the homework...

Tonight, I suggest we talk about the people that school has become a life-long business of 0 teachers. In fact, if a person who chose any other profession with a school only faced young people, the entire life was tied to teachers with a school.

Teacher's work is dangerous and hard,
There's a lot of heat and chips.
If we've got somewhere, sometimes.
He doesn't want to be smart,
So they're being fought with us,
It's a destiny for you and me:
Learn days and nights.

Стих про учителяTeachers are so responsive to themselves, their pupils and their lives, that they have even made a march of teachers, which necessarily helps to overcome any professional difficulties.

March of teaching

We're teachers!
We're teachers!
The students are ruthless and hard!
Hard for them?
That's what they need!
No mercy!
No mercy!

We've always been guarded!
We'll teach them!
We'll show them!
We'll give them the education!
That's our duty!
And our calling!

Let them stay!
Let them cry!
We're their work!
We're the challenge!
They can't find the right road without us!
We're teachers!
We're teachers!
(L. Sirota)

No matter how thrilled it is for its teachers to be pupils, becoming an adult, it is clearer that teachers are the same people and that means they can be adapted, understand their weak and strong sides. A teacher's horoscope can help with this.

There are horoscopes in the world,
They love adults and children,
Only Horoscope for teachers
No one's done anything on the planet.
It's time we made a mistake.
And the horoscope is teaching.

Don't give us Avene to bleed at the board.
He's a real wolf in a sheep skin,
But... Teles - not a threatening bull,
And good veal in kind.
All the twins are stunning,
Gorcha Serdito: "What kind of kid's slap?"

Racks have very chain cells,
They won't let the board go long!
You're a fool, they're staining,
And Lions are crying, but generously rewarded.

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