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The Russian racer, Michael Aleshin, was hit by a serious accident.

The Russian racer, Mikhail Alochin, was injured by a serious accident on the California Auto Club Speedway during the final pre-final phase of the IndyCar season.

Aloshin's car is in, she's got Dallara on another racer, Charlie Kimbell, moving at high speed, flew into the air and cut into the fencing of the track.

One more video on the move.

Jean-Claude Van Damm built an ice bar with his hands in a beer commercial.

Video for about a minute is not available for observation on Russia ' s territory, but it has been distributed in the form of several copies on different YouTube-canals. At the time of writing The most popular Some 600,000 searches.

Rolik shows how a 53-year-old movie star to music with eighty-tenth bars and even legs build an ice bar in the mountains, helping himself with a knife, a doloth and a rooster. Despite the fact that the video came online on 22 August, he only received a week later.

The video was a continuation of a whole series of Coors Light advertisements with the participation of Van Damma:

Put your hand down.

We're on our way. I'll meet the cab. The guys at black Audi stopped talking about this taxi driver. Lada must've been told to get a quick look at what the Audi guys didn't like. That's the result. It's worth mentioning that in Lada, there's been a lot of patience and no fighting, although their car was pretty rough.

Alkaya fight

It's a great fanting of alkasha, with unexpected turns of plots and numerous support for neighbouring houses.

Fat biker grabbed.

I don't know why it all started, but most of all, the bikers themselves are provoking conflicts when they try to get into every cheek.

Real men.

Very positive and motivated video. I hope most of the men of Web Parkers are the same in their lives.

Speedest artist (4 photo+video)

Fabian Gaet Maureira ' s unique work is as follows. He writes paintings right outside. Glass holsters with a conventional card. Your fingers, with the rare use of a whistle to draw very small parts. A lot of them are gonna hit the drawing technology. The painter just puts the oil paint on the surface of the glass and the trampling fingers create paintings. Well, it's not just some incomprehensible abstraction, but very beautiful natural landscapes. The pictures of Fabiana Gaet Maureira can be seen by the magnificent waterfalls, the infinity of the lakes, impressive mountain ranges, forest and village landscapes, and humans and animals.

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