Cats Are Funny

Весна пришла, а с нею и коты! Смешное видео для хорошего настроенияOn March 1, we celebrated Cat Day. It is interesting that this day is celebrated on other occasions around the world: in Japan on 22 February, in the United States on 29 October. And here's the international cat day on August 8th.

Most Japanese people, especially those living in cities, cannot afford to have a home animal. There's one of the highest animal tax in the world! And in apartment buildings dogs or cats Not allowed. So on the day of cats, the people give each other the statues of the maneks, visit cat cafés or Tasiro Island. There are only about three square kilometres of cathedral temple on the island and, of course, a large number of these lovely creatures.

In Russia, it was accepted on 1 March to conduct free exhibitions and to show the most renowned persons. And in America, cats' Day is all about homeless animals. Charities are taking place throughout the country to collect aid for cat shelters. Families come to shelters to pick a cat or cat, help remove the territory or donate for feed, sterilization, treatment, etc. This official event is being held at the State level.

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