Funny Pictures Of Photographers

Фотограф Михаил Милославский о трудностях профессии, смешных случаях и прекрасномMichael, how did you get to take the picture? What's your education? What kind of education needs to be a modern photographer?
I'm a mining engineer. First, the picture and the movies were fascinated, there were prizes at the festivals, then work in the paper. Later, he set up an advertising agency with a friend, and he was doing commercials. In those years, a few of my calendars went to the American Library of Congress, like the best of Ukraine. It's still moving forward with underwater films. There was a need for very extensive knowledge. I'm doing everything in Germany, but more wedding photos. With the development of digital technology, this film has approached the art and became interesting. I used to learn a lot from books and magazines. In Germany, I got another design education. I think it's personal for everyone. But speaking of the German or Russian photographic institutes, it's already very good training. There's a lot of amateurs in the picture market right now. The nekotres think it's enough to buy a simple mirror camera and there's a new job. It's not like that.

Фотограф Михаил Милославский о трудностях профессии, смешных случаях и прекрасномCan I order a video shoot at your studio?
Of course! These are wedding movies and videos. We can order a few cameras. It is possible, like photographs, to rent a wedding or shops at sea and elsewhere. It's getting fashionable now.

What equipment do you use?
I usually have two cameras, four to five objects, radio-controlled flashes, a couple of lights with different boards, reflectors, different filters. All this requires at least one asystent. Additional lighting allows for the creation of real works of art, and all this has to be done in minutes. So, for example, the actual lighting of the simple wall in the back turns it into a magic rear plan, creates an image.

Фотограф Михаил Милославский о трудностях профессии, смешных случаях и прекрасномWhat do you give at the end of the job?
First of all, it's all the photos that have been taken. Of these, the customer selects photographs for processing and printing. They often book photo books. They're usually 30x30cm and more in leather covers with pictures on the cover on skin or metal. There could be wood cover, orgas glass. Books and albums are usually printed in Spain or Italy. The real masters are working there! Their manufacture requires manual work.
Is there a requirement to prepare young people before they shoot? What are the problems?
When we started getting married, there were issues with bride hair. After the hairdresser left, tears and hair shifts started, and very often. Then I started working with good hairdressers and visualists. The tears are gone, and later, with the hairdresser's experience, it's a pleasure. Their work is very important! There's a list of uncomplicated recommendations. If it's done, it's easy for me. Well, it's like a movie group.Фотограф Михаил Милославский о трудностях профессии, смешных случаях и прекрасном There's a team, and the overall result depends on everyone.
Disclosure the scenes. I think it's interesting for everyone.
In Berlin, weddings most often take place on Saturday. And on this day, a lot of tourists are especially difficult to dissolve. Plus, it's a lot of rain. Much depends on the availability of time. That's why we need to discuss the spots together. I like the palace and the park of San Susie in Potsdam. He's always different from time and year, always interesting. Every time, it's like the first time. There's also a lock of Charlottenburg, a museum island, a Sada Mira park in Marzan. Winter's better to move to different parts of town or castle.

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