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Make a Funny Video Step 1.jpgPick up the team. You'll need actors, operators, directors and writers. Actors should be people who like to comedy or who just like to laugh.


Suggest your ideas. You discuss them with your team-- everyone has to offer something and make your opinion. When you're able to choose an idea that everyone likes, move to the next step.

Together, look at the comedies you like. Let them inspire their stories. Don't copy the scenarios-- movies just have to give you an idea of what kind of jokes the audience like and what they don't.Make a Funny Video Step 2.jpg Watch how time is allocated in the film.

Choose a place to shoot. Depending on the film scenario, they can be in the living room, in the kitchen or even in the corridor. But if you have a complicated scenario that involves a lot of acting, you'll stop your choice at a more vibrant place.

Write the script. At this stage, everyone who makes good jokes and can write can be included. Let us read the script to each participant to make the right and bring the script to perfection.

Make a Funny Video Step 3.jpgBe prepared to make changes to the scenario during the survey. The scenario will be the basis of the film, but the actors often come up with something interesting and funny in the process of filming, which will make your video much more interesting, so remember what this might happen.

Be ready to improvise. Many of the comedy film scenarios became more original by improvising actors and directors.

Remember what you thought was funny in the past. If something seemed funny earlier, there's a possibility that today it's gonna seem funny. But if to understand the joke, you have to belong to a certain group of people, you better get rid of that humor. If you've come up with something funny, try to adapt it to a wide audience.

Start filming. Action, camera and... go! Pick up a good director who feels humorously and can cut off the actor's chemistry or get them out of the stalemate.


Once the material is removed, it needs to be repaired and edited. You can use a simple free program, and you can buy something more complicated, like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.
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