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Young spouse

Lesson of history. Igor Petrovich called Anya Golina to answer the file. Anya went to the board and the bodro fixed:
♪ When Ivan Fourth came to the throne, he was three years old. Since he was a little kid, his wife's rules. ♪ ♪
And everybody laughed!

Marina Sokoluk, 7th grade, Stavropol Province

Hard question

We have a new English teacher in our classroom. She started calling students and meeting them.
♪ How old are you?
The earring was scratched in the back, and then it was insecure to say:
♪ We haven't done that yet. ♪ ♪
And everybody laughed!

Sasha Yudin, Shahthersk Sahali Valley.

Theater story

Lesson from Russian. The teacher wrote two words on the board: "the curtain and the applause." And then she said,
♪ Guys, think of a complicated proposal with those words. I see a lot of people raised their hand. Listen to you, Gusev!
Kostya got up and said:
♪ Theater has slowly climbed the curtain, and in the hall, applause has been glacied.
And everybody laughed!

Vlasta Zolotouhina, Mr. Miasse Chelabin.

Faster feld.

In the literature class, we read the role of the Gogol Revisor. In one place, the city explains why he wants to be a general: "... You're going somewhere, the feldgeers and the adjutants will go all the way forward: "Loschads!"
The part of the city read Tol. When he got to this place, we heard, "You're going somewhere, you're going to be a pilgrim and adjutants, you're gonna go all the way to the horses!"
And everybody laughed!

Tanya Sapinski, Habarovsk

It's my hand.

By checking the notebooks, Olga Borisovna approached Serge:
♪ How insecure you write! Not yet. What is it?
♪ It's not my fault, it's Serjeja's, it's my pen bad. She writes dirty... ♪

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