Pictures Of Funny Animals Free Of Charge

Смешные картинкиSmile to your ears and cheer your friends up!


Are you in a bad mood? You want to beat somebody? Don't want to do anything? Dream and lazy have been taken from their feet to their head? Then you need to establish an annex “and always keep your mood in the tone. Believe me, resist the sweets, mixed animalsas well as stupid situations that people sometimes get into and never laugh, you don't think you can.Смешные картинки You don't have to register anywhere, you just start an app and you're getting positive!


Right after the launch, you'll be seeing pictures of all the categories that are present at the source. To get to the next picture, it's enough to make a gesture left or a gesture to the right if you want to get back to the previous one. On the upper panel, you can pick a picture filter: new, top or best. If you don't like the picture, you can just press the "Please" button and the picture will be removed by the administrators in time.Смешные картинки If you want to see a list of categories, you need to open a side panel by making a gesture to the right of the left edge of the screen. Only 5 categories are available: habits, animals, anecdotes, auto and football. Also, you can look at the unspecified pictures by selecting the relevant section or by accident inserting mixed pictures. If you want to keep the picture, press the dial on the bottom of the screen. If you just want to add to the chosen one, put the heart on the right button.


In the settings, notifications may be included, which will be sent every time the ridiculous drawing database is updated. Let's just say, "" is a sea of positive, good mood at any time and a great way to laugh. Enjoy!

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